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Tagalog Translator

Tagalog Translator

Tagalog translatorIf you need a Tagalog translator for your document translation or meeting requirements, we can help with all your tagalog translation needs. 
Call us in the Philippines on (02) 435 1145 . If you are in the USA, Canada or Australia, we also offer certified tagalog translator services.  Use the request a quote button on the right side of the screen to get your Tagalog translator pricing.

Tagalog is spoken by approximately a third of the population of the Philippines. It is the official language of the Philippines and therefore very important for Filipino translators. Tagalog is the first language spoken in Manila and the translators are often referred to as a Filipino translator.

Tagalog and Filipino Translator

While there is still some contention over the selection of Tagalog as the national language of the Philippines, Tagalog translators can be used effectively in many parts of the Philippines.  Filipino translators can assist you with your document translation, marketing material, correspondence, emails, letters and technology translation. Some of the other Filipino languages we support are Bikol translator, Cebuano translator, Hiligaynon translator, Ilocano translator, Kapampangan, Pangasinan as well as Tagalog translator.

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Language Translator Company aims to provide cheap and accurate translator service to our clients.    Whether you require a document translator or a translator to provide assistance with conversations, we should be your first contact.  Our professional translator company offers document translator and meeting translator services at an affordable rates.  Contact us today to discuss your translator and translation needs. Call us in the Philippines on +63-2- 435-1145 or text at +63-9279820694 for your translator needs.

We serve the Philippines, Australia, Canada and the United States with translator services.

English Translator

English translator

english translatorMany of our clients require a translator to English or a translator from English.  Our English translator services service the Philippines and countries around the world.  Your English translator will work with you to effectively communicate in English and your other language.  Our translators know English and at least one other language.

Call +63-2- 435-1145 for your English Translator

Our translator company offers English translator services for most languages.  Our staff speak English and Tagalog.